DIY Skull Mirror

DIY Skull Mirror

The clip art can be scaled for different-size mirrors (first print on plain paper to assess size). This adhesive paper is repositionable: You can peel it away if you need to adjust placement.


Clear sticker project paper, 8 1/2″ by 11″, $14 for 10 sheets,

2 packs ink-jet clear sticker project paper
Round mirror
Wax pencil
Skull mirror clip-art
Mirror frame clip-art


Step 1

Download clip art; print on adhesive sheets (the images are tiled).
Step 2

Cut out images. For the skull, cut as close to the images as possible. For the medallion border, cut just inside the thin gray lines.
Step 3

Before peeling away backing, determine and align the correct position of the border (the design overlaps slightly); with the wax pencil, make small guide marks on the mirror.
Step 4

Apply border first. Peel away backing, and adhere pieces to mirror. Then center the skull and apply in the same manner.


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