Witch’s Broom

Witch's Broom

The Broom has long been used by witches in clearing energy and spell work. It’s use in ancient times was as a cleaver disguise for wands/staffs, to clear away negative or stagnate energy and to house spirits friendly to a witches cause. The broom used in ancient times was a besom, which is constructed of weeds or small twigs tied to a central post. Making your own broom can provide extra energy when using it.
First, obtain some strong string. Kite string will due. Then journey out into a forest and find a strong, straight branch that calls to you. It should be three to five feet in height. Then find strong weeds and slim twigs to tie to the branch.
Use your broom to sweep stagnate energy from your living space by a sweeping motion just inches above the floor. This is especially helpful when casting a magic circle. Traditionally, the broom is stored above or near a door to purify all those who enter. The broom as a flying tool, is mostly useful in your dreams. Remember to think of your broom every night when going to bed. And, whisper, “I’ll fly on my broom away from trouble.” Eventually, you’ll find yourself flying away on your broom during difficult dreams.The broom is a tool that often takes on it’s own personality. Don’t be afraid to name your broom and talk to it.


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