Whole Lotta Love

Worst Led Zeppelin cover of all time? Disco duo Blonde on Blonde cover ‘Whole Lotta Love,’ 1979

Blonde on Blonde

Comprised of two “Page 3 Girls”—women who’ve achieved the prestigious honor of appearing topless in the British tabloid, The Sun, Blonde on Blonde was the sort of act that made more sense in an environment with a lot of cocaine. I suggest you brace yourself for the actual song—the ladies are a bit more photogenic than they are musical, though the vacant stage presence kind of distracts from their disco hotness.

And if you’re under the impression that I might be slighting two very serious female singers with an unshakable artistic bond, rest assured that I am not. The line-up changed pretty frequently, only consistently maintaining Nina Carter, so apparently the other blondes in Blonde on Blonde were considered interchangeable

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