How the Sun in Pisces Affects Everyone (Feb. 18-March 20)

How the Sun in Pisces Affects Everyone (Feb. 18-March 20)

During this period, we are all experiencing some of the most ethereal energy of the year. Compounded by Mercury in retrograde until Feb. 28, we may be feeling very spacey indeed.

Dreams may be especially vivid and prophetic. And we may be especially attuned to our compassionate, empathic gifts during this time.

This is an ideal opportunity to cultivate your intuitive skills (like learning to read the Tarot!), explore your artistic side, and seek mystical wisdom.

There is likely to be a greater emphasis on sensitivity and compassion. Altruism comes more naturally, and we may be less physically active, especially with Mars stationing retrograde next week.

Listen to your inner guidance and trust your deep, instinctive wisdom. You may be inclined to over-indulge, or throw yourself a pity-party, especially if something comes up that tempts you to feel like a victim.

Instead, choose the higher gifts of Pisces, turning any setbacks into an opportunity to stretch your capacity for kindliness and understanding.

This is the last month of the astrological year, and so it is also a time for us to conclude the lessons and work we have been doing since last Spring. Tapping into the Piscean dream-time energy, you might wish to trance journey, to access the hidden worlds of imagination and magic, as you prepare for the upsurge of Aries energy at Equinox.

May the days of Pisces be blessed with peace and benevolence for all.

By Beth:


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