[Halloween] Skull Pancakes

Not just for Halloween!

i swear to goth.

I want your skull... for breakfast. I want your skull… for breakfast.

You’re not going to believe this, but today’s Halloween post is brought to you by Pee-Wee Herman’s Facebook post. Do I get extra goth cred for that? Today Pee-Wee, in all his excitement for Halloween approaching, posted skull pancake molds by Willaims- Sonoma. Kinda pricey at $20 for a set of three molds, but how great would it be to indignantly say “I eat skulls for breakfast!” and then actually do it?! Worth the price, I say!

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Onyx is for initiating the modes of centering and alignment of the total person with the higher powers. Can be used to banish grief, to enhance self-control, to stimulate the power of wise decision making, and to encourage happiness and good fortune. It is grounding and can be used to deflect or absorb the negativity of others.

Oracle Cards

A Witchy Life

Oracle cards.  What are they?  How do they work?  How are they different from tarot, and how do you use them?  These are the sorts of questions I’ve been hearing ever since I picked up my deck of oracle cards in Sedona and started using them.

First of all, what are oracle cards.  Oracle cards are a set of cards used for divination.  They are not divided up into suites like tarot–in fact, most oracle deck don’t have any divisions at all.  Each card has a picture and a name, and nothing else.  No suites, no elemental associations, no numerological or astrological associations aside from what’s given to the reader in the painting itself.  There is nothing outside of the oracle card to tell you what it means.  What I mean by that is, there is no association telling you that pentacles is connected to earth element and implies stability…

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